Monday, January 29, 2007

Adventures in Strip Aerobics...

This week my friend Melissa and I attempted the dreaded strip aerobics. Dressed in our finest spandex shorts and tank tops, we went through the humiliating process of realizing that we were far from sexy. Of course the video includes lots of hair flips and hip shakes that are supposed to make ANYONE look good, but these just led to us sitting on the floor, gasping for air and drinking water. I think I'll stick to the gym from now on....

This weekend was one of the dullest on record. It included chaperoning a party full of hormonal teens, a load of laundry, and 3 trips to Blockbuster. Although I successfully managed to avoid any form of homework, except for reading an English novel. Even I am becoming amazed at my procrastinating abilities.

And London in 3 weeks! I think I might die of impatience :)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

So many videos...

These have been some of the most unproductive days in history for me. Much of yesterday was devoted to watching videos on youtube, the majority of which were SNL digital shorts. If you're bored you may want to check out mine and Ashley's latest discovery, the muffins video, which can be found here:
I then spent the rest of the night sitting in a hot tub, slowly boiling myself to death.
Today I slept through my first class, and have devoted the rest of the day to re-watching youtube videos, and various episodes of Kenny vs. Spenny. I swear that may be one of the best shows ever created. :)
One of my other discoveries while procrastinating was a set of music videos by one of my favorite bands, The Fratellis. If you are looking for another time killer, you can watch one here:

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I swear, it was just dry ice!

What better way to begin a new year than with a dramatic run-in with the local police force?
Ok, it wasn't that exciting, but it was an interesting twist to a party I went to last night. At a friend's rockstar themed party, some people decided to play with some dry ice and pop bottles, each one letting off a loud bang. Well, someone misinterpreted this as being gun shots, and called the police. Soon 4 cop cars arrived, along with the police helicopter in tow. Needless to say, we didn't help the situation as most of the party resembled either drug addicts or prostitutes (remember the theme). The night reached a climax with 3 of the party goers ending up in the back of a police cruiser (one in hand cuffs) when they were seen running across the street to get a bass. Everything was eventually cleared up, but it was definately an interesting turn of events.

Other than last night's festivities, I haven't been up to much. I got my course overload, so I'm taking 6 classes this semester. It's going to be stressful, but I'll be able to graduate in 3 years. This feels like an extremely great accomplishment, since it seems that most people don't finish a 3 year degree in that span of time. My capstone is by far my most difficult class, and it will involve a research paper on the Northwest Rebellion. I swear every aspect of my life somehow relates back to the fort!

Blah, that's enough procrastination for tonight. I officially have the worst study skills of any senior university student in history.