Friday, May 09, 2008

Toshed on the Heath: A Rememberance (or, The Final Countdown)

3 days until I'm home. 3 days! I'm now filled with a horrible combination of excitement to be home and depression to be leaving. London is amazing. I'll definitely be back. Possible permanently.

I'm currently trying to fit in everything I have left to see in 3 short days. And I'm working one of them. Tomorrow I'm heading back to Hyde Park and then to see Harrods. The day after I'm going back to the Imperial War Museum, so see it's extremely moving Holocaust exhibit one more time, and the Tate Modern. The last two are some of my favorite things in London, and I'd like to see them both once more. I've become a bit of a modern art fan since I've arrived on U.K. soil, which is one of the last things I expected to happen.

Last night some of ladies and I decided to tie one on. We headed up to Hampstead Heath, this glorious 800 acre park in the middle of the city to watch the sunset. The Heath was C.S. Lewis's inspiration for Narnia, and it's easy to see why when you're there. It's beautiful. We sat on the top of Parliament Hill, (so named because Guy Fawkes' cronies met there to watch the Parliament blow up in their failed terror plot) laid out a blanket, and drank a terrible bottle of wine we found in the lounge. It was by far the most horrendous wine I've ever tasted, but the whole scenario itself was quite enjoyable. We then headed on a bit of a jaunt down to our local pubs, one of which is a gay pub, and the other which is always full of creepy old men (with the exception of the slightly fit bartender.) Nights like that make me sad to be leaving.

Someone once said London is the most civilized city in the world. I have to agree.

Oh London, how I'm going to miss you. Your allowance of drinking in public and on transport amazes me, while your bus system still confuses me more than I'd like to admit. I love your inconsistent weather, multi-culturalism, and Victorian architecture. Most of all I love the feeling of pride and belonging you get simply from living in this amazing city.

I really wish I wasn't leaving it.

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